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Inexpensive Keyboards and Mice

If you find yourself in need of a replacement keyboard or mouse for your PC, then a low cost option is to source ex-corporate equipment from eBay.

I personally am fond of using Dell keyboards and mice as they are reasonably well constructed, durable and inexpensive to replace should they become damaged or dirty.

I look for the Dell SK-8135 or SK-8115 wired USB keyboards as these are often available at low cost or even in bulk quantities should you have a number of PC’s to source for. The SK-8135 has multimedia controls (volume and media playback) and a two port USB 2.0 Hub included, perfect for attaching a mouse!

These keyboards were popular with corporate buyers but often discarded from new as they continue to use older or alternate models. As such there are bargains to be found if you search for them!

The Dell USB Mouse 5 Button Optical Mouse 0MY897 is the USB mouse companion for this keyboard and is comfortable to use, even for smaller hands and are also fairly durable. Sets of these Keyboards, Mice and Wrist Wrests are often available as a job lot for additional savings.